About Us

A little about us


Rap Radio Africa is an online radio station featuring all elements of Hiphop Kulture including rap music and live talk shows. Rap Radio (as it was initially called) was founded by Bionic Mbah (Czar) in November of 2003.

What started out as a radio show on Coal City FM 92.8 where we had a vision to play dope Hiphop tracks as options for "fans of Hiphop" is fast dwindling. After having “Rap Radio” on air for four years, he got a vision to expand. Now, here we are.

Rap Radio Africa intend to not only inform and entertain but also to bring people together from all over Africa, and the world, creating a higher level of unity and understanding amongst people of the “Kulture” and other kinds of potential listeners from different races, backgrounds and genders bringing hearts, minds and ears to our own “kulture” in the Motherland.

Bionic, an established OAP (Radio Personality), Copywriter, Marketing Executive and Producer has been busy helping dope, new, independent, underground artists realize and recognize their dreams for years now and still going strong.

Bionic has over 20 years of experience in various aspects of the music industry including; writing, performing, DJing, recording, marketing, production, artiste management, show promotion and 6 years stint working in the advertising industry.

Together, he & his partner and like mind; Mr. Franklin look to actualize this vision beyond comprehension which is why Rap Radio Africa is set to do one thing; serve.